Dance Moms Rundown: Judgement Day Approaches

Dance Moms is officially back! I have anticipated this premiere for a while now, especially where so much happened at Nationals. If you aren’t caught up on the hit TV show and don’t want any spoilers, STOP READING, but do come back and give your feedback once you’re up to date!

Here’s my personaltop 3 thoughts from this last episode:

1. Why is Yolanda still there?

She is so annoying! And this episode just proved that it’s not going to stop. Honestly, I have nothing against her daughter Elliana who I think is a fantastic dancer, but this bitch needs to go. There’s all different types of dance and stage moms, and her type is not meant for entertainment, just annoyance.

2. Abby is getting weirder by the minute.


I’m sure it is just the clock ticking on when she has to go to jail, but she’s getting crazier and crazier, and not necessarily in a good way. She’s doing the “walk of shame” during her breaks at the studio, and being weirder than any other human being would be about that.

3. How the hell did the mini duet beat the teen duet?

Image result for kendall and kalani duetImage result for kendall and kalani duet

Both dances were fine, that’s it, just fine. The mini duet was a hot mess for me personally. The teen duet was so technical and had so much more fluidity and maturity. I thought for sure it was a shoe in. Instead, we have to go through another week of listening to the mini moms bitch back and forth. I would have much rather watched Jill and Ashlee go at it. Their fights would have been a lot more entertaining that’s for sure.

As for the future of Dance Moms, I’m excited. I feel that this season is going to have a bit of a slow start, but you can tell they’re going to eventually hit a breaking point when Abby goes to jail, and the future of the ALDC remains to be seen. What am I most looking forward to? Chloe and Christi coming back for sure. I’m not sure when they come back, but I will be on the edge of my seat until then. I mean, how could you not miss Christi’s snarky one-liners?


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