Hometowns More Broken Than Ever

I know the Bachelorette was Monday so it is a little late, but Hometowns has always been one of my most favorite and anticipated episode of the whole show, as it is for many. This  episode, Rachel has four left for those who may not know, Eric, Bryan, Peter, and Dean. I’ll take you through a run down of each hometown.

  1. Eric

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Eric continues to grow on me. I was not a fan at first whatsoever. His dialect still kind of bugs me, but I’m from the Midwest so I can’t help but point it out. I felt as if he’s matured while he has been on the show more than anyone. He grew up in Baltimore which he took Rachel through, and he explained to her how exposed he was to the tough city with all of the crime and drugs at such a young age. I can’t help but admire him for becoming the guy he is, especially in the rough hometown he grew up with, especially with little guidance. This was technically the first time he had ever brought a girl home as well, and may I just say, he did it with ease. Overall, I felt a lot of growth coming from Eric. He still isn’t my favorite, but I do appreciate him being there.

2. Bryan

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Bryan’s mom scared the heck out of me. Rachel handled the one-on-one chat with his mother with such ease, which is just another way she is just flat out amazing. If it was me, after being threatened by his mother, I would have feared for my life. Rachel has always been worried if Bryan was too good to be true, and his mom did hint that he had been with a lot of girls in the past. It does kind of make me wonder if he goes head over heels in love so quickly so often, but at the same time I’m still absolutely in love with the thought of Rachel and Bryan together. He was the only one that full out professed his love to her, and I could just tell that she low key wanted to say the same back. I am Team Bryan all the way.

3.  Peter

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Peter’s hometown in Wisconsin was exactly what it has been like with him all season…fine. Just, fine. There wasn’t really anything special, it was just kind of there. I like Peter, and if he were to be given the final rose, I wouldn’t throw a tantrum over it, but he’s just kind of blah to me. The fact that he may not be ready to propose to her concerns me. We all know that Rachel has already announced that she’s engaged, but she hasn’t said who yet. If it is Peter, I am worried that he may get second thoughts midway through their engagement because he wasn’t ready. I am just throwing that thought out there.

4. Dean

I hate to say that I saw it coming. He came into this show so young, and that’s the guy I would truly question if he was ready to get married and have kids right away like Rachel wants. Rachel is a lawyer, and she has her life together and she knows exactly what she wants. She’s on this whole other level, and I was not sure if Dean was going to be able to handle such things. For his hometown though, I felt so bad. I wished that the show didn’t force him into that situation. Not everyone comes from a well put together family. My heart hurt so bad for Dean.

The Result

I was not surprised by Dean going home at all. What I will say though is that if Rachel didn’t want Dean, I would gladly take him because he is the most gorgeous man I have seen in a while. That smile has my heart.

Anyways, I am looking forward to Fantasy Suites. They always cause a slight bit of drama that I look forward to them unveiling. It will truly be interesting, that’s for sure.


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